Cárnicas Aquilino s.a. was certified in 2004 by the Instituto Islámico Español (Spanish Islamic Institute), allowing us then to elaborate Halal meat products

The word Halal means “allowed, authorized, ethic or non abusive”.

It is considered Halal everything not especifically defined as Haram, which is the opposite of Halal and means forbidden.

When the term Halal is applied to food and drink, it means that these are apt to be consumed by Muslims. For food to be considered Halal, it must comply with the islamic normative collected in the Koran, in Prophet’s Muhammad traditions, and the teachings of the islamic jurists islámicos.

  • The product must be free of any forbidden substance or ingredient (Haram), or any other component coming from a forbidden animal.
  • It must be an elaborated product, manufactured, and/or stored using tools or machinery compliant with the islamic normative, the Spanish and community sanitary rules, and the international requirements of destinatary countries.
  • The product must not be allowed in contact with a forbidden substance or product during its elaboration, production, processing, storage and transport.
  • The animals must be sacrificed according to that which is prescribed by the Islamic Law.
  • Food must be composed of raw materials, ingredients such as preservatives, colorants or aromas that in their origin or composition are considered Halal.
  • Feed and food for the animals from which the product is obtained must always be composed of Halal ingredients.

You can see our Halal meat products under this sentence

Steak Hache 100%

hamburguesa halal
100 gr / unit – 48 units / box
4,800 kg / box – 153 boxes / palet

Striped Steak Hache Case

100 gr / unit – 10 units / case
5 cases / box – 5 kg / box
132 boxes / palet

Bovine Burger Meat Case

hamburguesa halal vacuno
80 gr / unit – 12 cases / box
9,600 kg / box – 63 boxes / palet

Pack Bovine Burger

pack hamburguesas halal

80 gr / unit – 2 units / pack
30 packs / box – 4,800 kg / box
153 boxes / palet

Bovine Burger

80 gr / unit – 60 units / box
4,800 kg / box – 153 boxes / palet

Bovine Meatball

20 gr / unit –1,200 kg / box
5 bags / box – 6 kg / box
110 boxes / palet